Management Team


Lenny Louis

Most recently the Chief Commercial Officer of dosist based out of Los Angeles. Responsible for the aggressive expansion of the business across US and Canada. Former Country Director & GM of Tesla Canada. Successfully grew Tesla’s market share, expanded the number of locations and transformed customer experience to make Canada one of the top performing regions. Previously served as VP for SAP Ariba and 12 years at Microsoft in various leadership positions.

COO & Founder

Oliver Moraes

Chartered Accountant with over 35 years’ experience in Financial Control and Business Development with an expertise in turning around ailing corporations. Headed the Internal Audit Division at an International organization with 4 Revenue Centres ranging from Travel & Tourism to Global Shipping. Responsible for the expansion and development of several companies with executive authority.


Karen Gold

Karen is a pedigreed consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail marketer having worked as a Marketing leader in the food industry, for 5 Fortune 500 companies. She holds an MBA with distinction and has specific expertise in marketing strategy, retail activation and social and digital media.


Mitch Lyons

Mitch was previously at PepsiCo sales where he represented the full PepsiCo portfolio in the Ontario region. Vast experience in the agriculture industry including his time at the University of Saskatchewan where he studied agriculture economics. Mitch graduated with Honors in Economics from McMaster University.

Advisory Team

Dr. Mike Dixon

Professor, School of Environment and Director, Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility (CESRF), University of Guelph. Dr. Dixon is the world’s foremost scientist in the field of biological life support systems for applications in space exploration focused on plant growth in controlled environments. His research also includes Nutrient Management and Robotic Harvesting.

Advisory Team

Dr. Mathew Mickens

A Plant Scientist with expertise in studying plant response to light wavelength provided by Light Emitting Diodes (LED). He was a former scientist at the NASA Space Station Processing Facility, which housed operational control rooms, environmental growth chambers, airlock, laboratories and was involved in preparing Space X launch payloads containing seeds, media and plant pillows for astronauts to grow crops in space.

Advisory Team

Per Lysaa

Sole proprietor of Lysaa Holdings AS in Norway that holds worldwide rights to the Gravity Flow System (GFS) patented technology.

Founder – INTRAVISION Group which is a photobiology and systems integration company working with multi-band and spectrum variable LED lights which enable biological control and optimization of plant responses to specific wavelengths between UVA and IR light.

Advisory Team

David Nelson

A Mechanical Engineer from the University of Waterloo, David is the founder of TCA Technologies Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The company, which has Fortune 500 customers, across the globe, is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom industrial equipment employing the most innovative technological solutions to conceptualize, develop, and execute cutting-edge automated manufacturing systems.