Clean Food.
Fresh Taste.

Clean Local Greens Delivered At The Peak Of Freshness

Better Tasting Greens

Vision Greens produce is grown locally in Welland Ontario in a state-of-the-art vertical farm, 365 days of the year. The produce grown is non-GMO verified, pesticide free, and utilizes a proprietary growing process able to uniquely optimize produce quality and taste. That’s why Vision Greens are Better tasting Greens. They are grown and harvested in perfect agricultural conditions, so they arrive on your table at the peak of flavour and freshness.

Our Produce

Leafy Greens cultivated, grown, and harvested on the Vision Greens Farm yield the freshest and best tasting produce available today. We know it sounds funny to talk about the taste of lettuce but that’s why our motto is, Tasting is Believing. Stripping away harmful pesticides and adverse weather conditions to grow non-GMO certified lettuces, arugula and basil, in a pristine climate and light controlled vertical farm, makes a difference. Our advanced agricultural expertise ensures Vision Greens produce tastes fresher, more flavourful, and maintains its crispness and crunch longer than field grown produce while being clean and sustainable. Because of this we proudly embrace our Foodland Ontario certification as a local supplier of quality greens. We stand behind our claim of Better Tasting Greens and invite you to taste Vision Greens for yourself. The difference is real.

Clean Food

Zero pesticides and herbicides
Hydroponically grown

Fresh Delivered

Daily harvests
Daily deliveries
Consistent quality

Environmentally Sustainable

96% less water usage
96% less land usage
92% less food miles travelled

Locally grown in ontario

Extended shelf life
Low carbon footprint
Foodland Ontario Certification


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